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Top selling conventional facial cleansers can suck moisture away from the skin, clog up pores, irritate sensitive membranes, and potentially cause allergic reactions. Many of these cleansers contain irritants like propylene glycol, petroleum, and animal extracts.

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If you're looking for an organic, completely natural alternative to store-bought cleansers, welcome to NaturalFeeling.com. We stock healing skin salves, lotions, soaps, aromatherapy foot salves, and body butter at terrific prices, and we stand by all of our natural products 100 percent. To balance your pH, consider our Facial Essence Toner & Skin Balancer. This product is ideal for practically every type of skin out there. It contains witch hazel, lavender, and rose water. Purchase a 2-ounce bottle of this unique product today to start the healing process.

We also carry aromatherapy products, such as Sunny Splash and Pure Harmony. These products are made from real glycerin,Vitamin E, and special blends of essential oils. Relieve flaky skin problems, enjoy a supple, rejuvenated appearance, and benefit from great shipping options. Place your order online, or do it over the phone at (877) 858-9082.

To wake up and go, check out our Peppermint Patty and Sunny Splash lotions. These contain spearmint and peppermint and orange and spearmint respectively. For something more mellow, enrich yourself with Patchouli Dreams. To recover from stresses at work or a heavy dose of sun exposure, lavish your skin with Pure Harmony, an emollient scented with Bulgarian lavender. Finally, if you're looking to exfoliate and purify your skin, practically nothing beats our Milk Oatmeal essential organic skin care lotion.


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